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  • Teenagers troubles – by helping out youngsters suffering from hormonal imbalances (resulting in menstrual disturbances, cystic ovaries, facial hairs and other problems).
  • Infertility – It is true that inspite of our best efforts fertility problems are increasing day by day, But this is also true that most of the couples are subfertile rather than infertile. They can easily achieve pregnancy with some assistance in reproduction medically and your little effort towards life style modifications.
  • Pregnancy is a miracle
    • It is the best gift you ever received- We will help you to feel the truth
    • Along with the expert medical advice we also guide you about the most suitable diet, postures, strengthening exercises and relaxation techniques.
    • As you know to construct a great building we should efficiently work on its foundation. Same way if we start nurturing your baby in womb he or she will bloom in whole life.
    • We make your baby physically fit by prescribing medicines and also guide you about the ways to make your baby mentally strong.
  • Birth of your Baby – We not only appreciate the benefit of vaginal birth but also help you to prepare your self and your body for normal delivery (vaginal birth) by step by step guidance of different respiratory and pelvic floor exercises; and prefer Caesarian sections (Operative delivery) only when it is really needed.
    • So we help you in making your Pregnancy and birth of your baby a safe and beautiful experience
  • Dysfunctional Uterine Problems – Like menstrual Problems resulting from hormonal disturbances will be corrected with medicines and life style changes sooner than medicine alone, and we can avoid various unwanted surgeries.
  • Midlife Menopausal Miseries – We help you to combat problems of midlife like hot flashes (sudden feeling of heat), night sweats, disturbed sleep, palpitations, skin and vaginal problems.