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The determinants of your health are


Our Management Process


Discussion about your problems

Interactive sessions-OBGYN Expert

To sensitize the importance of lifestyle modifications

Yoga & Meditation

Our professional yoga expert helps you in step by step

Consultation Our consultation includes –
  • Discussion about your problems
  • Complete examination
  • USG if required
  • Advising any vaccination or Screening of preventable disease
  • Prescribing medicines
Interactive sessions with OBGYN Expert
  • Must know knowledge about your body’s structure and functions.
  • To sensitize the importance of lifestyle modifications.
Yoga & Meditation Our professional yoga expert helps you in step by step easy yoga and meditation practices under the supervision of OBGYN expert. The lifestyle modification will help you to stand better on your treatment protocol whether medical, surgical or combined. Within a short span of time you will find yourself towards disease free path.
How We Help You :A glance how this 70% care will help you at every step
  • Teenagers troubles – by helping out youngsters suffering from hormonal imbalances (resulting in menstrual disturbances, cystic ovaries, facial hairs and other problems.
  • Infertility – It is true that inspite of our best efforts fertility problems are increasing day by day, But this is also true that most of the couples are subfertile rather than infertile. They can easily (achieve pregnancy with some assistance in reproduction medically and your little effort towards life style modifications.
Gyane Facilities - Consultation about gynae problems as Uterine bleeding, breast lump, menopausal problems etc. •Gynae USG • breast USG • Pap Smear • Colposcopy • Office Hysteroscopy • Vaccination • Hysterectomy – Abdominal, Vaginal, Laparoscopic
Family Planning Services - Contraceptive advises - Depo provera, Cu-T, Multiload, Mirena (hormonal IUCD) insertion • Tubal ligation
Obs Facilities - Antinatal checkup •Obs USG • High risk pregnancy • Cervical Cerclage • CTG (cardiotocography) • Vaccination • Post natal care • Normal Delivery • Caesarean (C-Section)
Interactive Sessions with Experts - about dietary advises, easy life style modification tips and MUST KNOW medical informations about your body structure & function
Specific Services - ART Consultant •Infertility USG (follicular monitoring ) •Ovulation induction •IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)
Yoga Services - for any age group from teenage girls to elderly women, especially designed for pregnant ladies and infertile couples. It includes guidance about • Breathing exercises • Easy but effective postures • Pelvic Floor exercises • Meditation
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